Friday, May 29, 2015

Let's think for a while...

If the ETs are advanced enough to travel in the universe, why don't they show themselves? Is it our petty governments that really hid the knowledge on them? Or is it the will of the ETs to stay hidden? If so, then why? Maybe we're so afraid of the idea of infinity that we just try to give meaning to our existence by thinking that we're not alone in the universe? Is the human race really ET in origin? If there are really ETs, when do you think we'll know?

I found the works of Jaques Valles and Terrence Mckenna on point. Not likely metal ships with aliens, but a manifestation of our collective consciousness befitting of the era we live in.

Come to think of it, from the ETs perspective, humankind could appear as being too different, maybe even too volatile for any kind of encounter to take place. Maybe to them, engaging with us poses too big a risk. Maybe we're a known as turn-offs....maybe we scare the shit out of them. And, maybe our earthly ways need to wise up. Who knows, but maybe once we reach a certain point in our evolution, we will be more susceptible to meeting other beings from space.

I think the general consensus is that there is some kind of binding agreement that they are not allowed to make themselves known in any kind of formal fashion. The sightings of random people are one thing, but coming down in full view of cameras and news crews is something else.
Honestly, I would wager if that were to happen, people would lose their collective shit and panic because of the general stereotype that has been associated with ET/Aliens. They are here to brainwash you, take over your body, kill/enslave you etc. Which who knows, their might be a faction out there that does wish to do this. I personally think that there are multiple species/groups and that it is about the same as it is with different groups on earth. Some want to just learn more, some want to own more. I find it hard to swallow that the only type of intelligent life out there simply wants to destroy whatever it finds.
I wish I could recite the different things i've watched and read that all kind of point to the idea that Humans are to be watched, not interacted with. But its been a couple years now, and there have been several. Personally it makes sense to me. Why on earth would you peek at us for thousands of years, but never fully make yourself known? To avoid going down the conspiracy path, and all that entails...
Personal opinion is we've had contact before. Do I think governments are hiding any alien activity, nope. Do I think governments are hiding information from us, yes.
Life has motives in what it does, why would another civilization waste so much just to swing by Earth. If they did come here, like many others have said, it wouldnt be for the best notions.
My opinion on when the normal person would be able to see something like your mentioned would be two ways:
Whatever started the original ideas of religion.
Or us finding life or signs of life on another planet. ( I like to think this would be the first way, done by a private company)
There are many that do claim that they have been visited, contacted, communicated with. There are some that claim that they can summon.
We have crop circles that some claim are forms of communication.
I could be wrong, but I think a "wow" signal has been received, and I saw mention that Tesla believed that he intercepted an alien signal.
Like you, I do not know what is true and what is not true, and it's very easy to dismiss all of it given individually we have no way of verifying any of it - but just because I have not been communicated with does not mean that others haven't been.
Einstein was correct on the whole speed of light thing perhaps.  
Or, here's a thought, which might be the case: Aliens likely would not visit our planet in person. They would send something like a robot first. That's what we do. When we send a rover, we go to insane lengths to keep it clean and sanitized so as not to affect bacteria or fuck up research results.  
Sending a probe/rover here, the aliens probably would not want to mess with any possible life here. When it's bacteria, that means sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. When it's intelligent life, it means disguise, disguise, disguise. Perhaps by making their "rover" so tiny we have almost 0 chance to find it, or so close to a living species that we would write it off as just another bird or bee.  
It's probably the first explanation, but the second is more fun to think about.
Let's face it, some people don't want to believe. Even if grays would dance in front of their window, they still wouldn't believe it, because they are pathological skeptics (pseudo-skepticism)
Also, if you did see a gray dancing in front of your window - what do you do with that information?
Go and tell your loved ones? How is that going to improve your life.
Go and tell the newspapers, or youtube, or reddit. Oh hey guys, you'll never guess what happened to me last night whilst I was sitting on the toilet.
Choosing to ignore it and write it off as a halucination would probably be for the best in terms of an individuals mental health.


What would make you believe?

I see a lot of skeptics lurking here and to be fair a lot of UFO 'proof' is very unbelievable and often unreliable. (We've all seen the videos with the weird or super intense techno covered by the Microsoft voice about the proof which ends up being a shaky recording of a lamp) Prior creditability is obviously not a determining factor and with the rise of drone technology and photo/video editing programs it is becoming easier and easier to assume a UFO is a drone or some how doctored to be misleading..

I have been looking at this topic since I was a small kid. I think the first interesting picture I remember was a disk shaped object between some large trees on the cover of some newspaper from 1979 or thereabouts I was a few years old. I spent copious amount of time researching flimsy evidence and hoaxes for the next 20 years.

Recently I stumbled upon the famous 1994 Ariel incident which has renewed my interest and found many other people describing weird events mostly pilots risking their reputation describing confronting high speed saucer or other shaped objects. I am now intrigued again, and cannot disregard these reports, especially the Ariel incident which I will not believe for a moment that has been told to the children to all say that. 

But even during that occurrence the children described many weird things such as, they were blurred, the figures moved in slow motion and the glided over the grass etc, which other children also noted. It freaked them out to scare them to this day. So yeah I would love to meet these kids (grownups today) and chat to them. But even that would not explain the huge lack of actual evidence. 
Either the government is many years (and I mean many as in dozens or hundreds) ahead of us, another countries is many years ahead of us, or ET's (or ET drones) are visiting our Earth. I am 100% convinced the UFO phenomenon is 100% real and happening, and possibly has been happening for a very long time. I lean heavily towards the possibility that it is an ET craft (as I also believe Ancient Astronaut theory has a whole lot to it).

Before top secret aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird and the Stealth Fighters/Bombers were declassified, they were unknown to the public. People who got a glimpse of one of those during test flights would certainly have considered them too technologically advanced to be terrestrial craft at the time.

There are, however, eyewitness reports from apparently credible people...some backed-up by civilian and/or military radar (JAL 1628) or seemingly direct interaction at a US nuclear missile site (Malmstrom Base). Others include astronaut reports and NASA pics/vid of unidentifiable objects that appeared to be under intelligent control. Of course, "appeared to be" isn't "definitely is".
And there have been government investigations into the UFO phenomenon...the most well-known was Project Blue Book. The government would be most concerned with national security, and if certain reported craft posed a risk. And as far as we know, they don't.
The thing is, as long as the government keeps repeating that they have no evidence whatsoever showing any extraterrestrial craft are zipping around our skies, there will always be those who don't buy that, and believe there's a cover-up. The only thing most people in ufology will believe, coming from the govt., is if they announce they do know of ET craft visiting Earth.
Time will tell. Who knows...we may find out that we're not alone, and for all we know that could happen tomorrow morning, or 1,000 years from now, or never. We haven't found solid evidence of any life anywhere, besides on our own planet. Perhaps one day we will.
If there are intelligent aliens here, the foremost important question would have to be: What are their intentions? If they have malevolent intent, there's probably not much we can do about it. And frankly, I wouldn't want to know.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

UFO In Liverpool

I am relaying this story on behalf of my father, who swore my mother and I to secrecy when it first happened because he was very scared by his experience and didn't want to be ridiculed if details ended up in the public domain. Over a year later, he's finally agreed to let me share details of this incident with MUFON because I've convinced him it should be recorded *someplace* publicly, even if he doesn't want to go public himself. On May 1st 2006 my father had to drive from Chester, England to Porthmadog, North Wales, for work reasons. At approx 4:45pm on the return journey, he was driving south, approaching the village of Gellilydan when he became aware of a "silhouetted cigar shaped object" flying 'gently' below cloud level in an easterly direction about two miles ahead of him. He lost sight of it a few times due to the landscape, but having passed by the village, it became apparent that it was flying slowly north (towards him). Assuming it was a 'regular aircraft' that he couldn't quite visualize properly, he was more interested than concerned at this point, and due to its apparent flight path over the open countryside, he figured it would clear him by less than a mile to the west when it passed. So, his interest was piqued ("is it a helicopter or a plane?" he wondered) and he reduced his driving speed to approx 20-30mph in order to get a better view. As the flying object approached a point about 3/4 mile south west of his vehicle, he realised it was actually 'cylindrical'. It had a reflective convex base and a very subtle (barely noticeable) "electric blue" aura. He could only really see the underneath due to its angle. This took him back ("my heart rate accelerated") and having a camera on him, decided to pull over onto a grass verge and take a photo. As he did this and scrambled for the camera, he realised the object had accelerated in his direction (it was very high up) and a huge shadow enveloped the area for about a mile around. "It was like a very dark thundercloud was right over me." He pushed his head forward in the windscreen and looked up (awkward angle) - and to his horror could see that this thing was about 1/4 mile wide and just hovering beneath cloud level directly above the part of the road he was on. He said it had huge tiles on its convex base. He had never seen anything like it in his life. It was "impossibly enormous". He realises -- due to the sheer size of this thing -- that he probably underestimated how far away it was previously, but in relaying this event we've decided to use distances as he "perceived them" at the time. Anyway, his heart was pounding, he was truly terrified because he couldn't make sense of the object and he was in the middle of nowhere (Snowdonia National Park) and decided to get the hell out of there. He hastily started up his vehicle and pulled off when he noticed the shadow just disappear, "like somebody flicked a switch and the thundercloud vanished". He looked around as he drove, pushed his face into the windscreen and looked up but he could no longer see it. Then (within sixty seconds), as he passed the Trawsfynydd Twin Nuclear Reactors, he became aware of it hovering above some high ground to the west. The camera was on the passenger seat so without stopping the vehicle he just instinctively picked it up, snapped, then accelerated to 70mph intending to get out of the area as fast as possible. He was overjoyed when he realised this 'object' had appeared on the exposure because it proved he wasn't going mad and he *had* actually witnessed something very unusual. If it hadn't, he says he's not sure he'd have told my mother and I the story in case we thought he was cracking up. Ever since, he has been scared of driving through rural areas alone, and won't drive at night time at all. (Not that it was night time when this incident occurred.) I can understand that. It's a good job he had to retire last summer really because he'd no longer be able to do his job due to the amount of driving involved. ''

What do you think ?

The Alien Kodachrome Slide

The Roswell Slide – This is the highest resolution that I have found, as of March 6, 2015. Why have they not released a super high resolution scan of the Kodachrome slide for analysis? Click here for the highest resolution available.

For months, the world has waited for the release of alleged “Roswell Alien” slides that were teased in 2014.  Of course highly controversial, these slides were believed to have been the “Smoking Gun” – with irrefutable proof aliens exist and have visited Earth.

After months of waiting, researchers attached to this story (which include Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, Richard Dolan, and Jaime Maussan) decided that May 5, 2015, or Cinco de Mayo, was the right day to reveal to the world what was on these slides.

Well, that is, if you wanted to fork over some money to watch the reveal. Curious onlookers paid $20 to login to view the presentation, which quickly became a joke to many who paid. Social media roared with the fact that many paid money, and saw a screen with an error, as the stream was not working. Others who did get in, waited for the moment they finally revealed the slide. But, as many put it, it was “underwhelming” at best.

Those who have promoted this slide for months, say experts from Kodak confirmed it truly was from decades ago, and was unaltered. But does that prove anything? At first glance, I, along with quite a few others, get the “museum” vibe from this. Not “alien.”

In addition, it should be said that the original film should have much more detail than what was released to the public. If they were to release the higher resolution photo, my guess is you would see additional details, and possibly even the words, on the piece of paper resting near the “alien.” This would, in my opinion, be the details of what was in the museum case.

It is the opinion of Area 51 Aliens that evidence of alien life, should it actually exist, should be released to the world, for free, without hesitation.  To build up hype, sell tickets for months, then release a single, grainy, photo claiming evidence of extraterrestrials, is evidence enough for me this was nothing more than a scam.  That, and if you want to know more, there is a “movie” coming out which we all will undoubtedly have to pay even more to see.

When I woke up the morning of May 6, 2015, I expected to at least see 10, maybe 20, maybe even 50 headlines about this.  What did I see? At 8am in the morning, well after the first news cycle… there were about 3. And those articles ripped apart this story, and profiled it as the joke it was.