Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Alien Kodachrome Slide

The Roswell Slide – This is the highest resolution that I have found, as of March 6, 2015. Why have they not released a super high resolution scan of the Kodachrome slide for analysis? Click here for the highest resolution available.

For months, the world has waited for the release of alleged “Roswell Alien” slides that were teased in 2014.  Of course highly controversial, these slides were believed to have been the “Smoking Gun” – with irrefutable proof aliens exist and have visited Earth.

After months of waiting, researchers attached to this story (which include Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, Richard Dolan, and Jaime Maussan) decided that May 5, 2015, or Cinco de Mayo, was the right day to reveal to the world what was on these slides.

Well, that is, if you wanted to fork over some money to watch the reveal. Curious onlookers paid $20 to login to view the presentation, which quickly became a joke to many who paid. Social media roared with the fact that many paid money, and saw a screen with an error, as the stream was not working. Others who did get in, waited for the moment they finally revealed the slide. But, as many put it, it was “underwhelming” at best.

Those who have promoted this slide for months, say experts from Kodak confirmed it truly was from decades ago, and was unaltered. But does that prove anything? At first glance, I, along with quite a few others, get the “museum” vibe from this. Not “alien.”

In addition, it should be said that the original film should have much more detail than what was released to the public. If they were to release the higher resolution photo, my guess is you would see additional details, and possibly even the words, on the piece of paper resting near the “alien.” This would, in my opinion, be the details of what was in the museum case.

It is the opinion of Area 51 Aliens that evidence of alien life, should it actually exist, should be released to the world, for free, without hesitation.  To build up hype, sell tickets for months, then release a single, grainy, photo claiming evidence of extraterrestrials, is evidence enough for me this was nothing more than a scam.  That, and if you want to know more, there is a “movie” coming out which we all will undoubtedly have to pay even more to see.

When I woke up the morning of May 6, 2015, I expected to at least see 10, maybe 20, maybe even 50 headlines about this.  What did I see? At 8am in the morning, well after the first news cycle… there were about 3. And those articles ripped apart this story, and profiled it as the joke it was.