Friday, March 25, 2016

Another case of city ruins on Mars

Once again I’ve gone through the exercise of downloading the original image files from ESA/NASA sites for two of these areas to convince myself that the people making these claims aren’t crazy and, also once again, I’ve worked with JPEG software enough to be able to state categorically that these images are not artifacts of any of the compression techniques used in jpeg or any other image format.

There’s also no way in hell that any of this stuff can be described as electrical scarring.

The usual claim from evolutionists and/or skeptics would be that you’re looking at jpeg artifacts of some sort or possibly raster lines, but no such claim really works. The author of this one notes in fact (around 6:14 on the video) that the supposed “artifacts” do not extend into a crater as they assuredly would if they actually were artifacts. Jpeg compression in particular smears any sort of noise evenly around an image:


In real life of course, nobody constructs buildings and other city infrastructure inside a crater, and raster lines would go into the crater as well.

I’ve gone to the trouble to download original ESA images myself in two such cases, particularly the Hale Crater region, and reconstruct the image using just brightness and contrast controls and I can assure anybody that no jpeg or any other kind of image artifacts ever produced an image like that:


That’s my own rendering, some of the images on Skipper’s site are more interesting:

Images of the Hale crater taken from different angles show the same objects, which absolutely forbids interpreting the structures in the images as artifacts.

The other area which I’ve done the exercise for myself is called Medusa Mensae or something like that, again my own reconstruction:


The original ESA image looked entirely like a sandy desert and nothing more. This was from adjusting hues as well as brightness and contrast.

Again, the jpeg process smears any sort of noise over an entire image so that no artifact could ever produce anything like that.

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