Friday, March 13, 2015

The Collinsville, Connecticut UFO Incident, December 13th, 1999 - Alternate Explanations - Part 5

Official Explanations and My Conclusions

There are no current official explanations given for this event so I will quickly get into my conclusions of this very interesting case.

As stated above this case is very intriguing for many reasons. First off we have multiple ‘exploding contrails’ that appear to have no rational cause in any mundane extent. The apparent steep direction of the contrails seems to me to suggest a possible decent from space, but that is only a theory and could be wrong. Then we have multiple witnesses’ claiming they saw a truly unusual and obviously non-conventional (well at least by public knowledge) bullet shaped aircraft, with another sphere object apparently hovering around the front of it that just passed over this short stretch of town before the sphere shot off and disappeared in a totally different direction than the main craft. We have one of the witnesses describing a strange humming sound, we have multiple witnesses describing a totally unheard of aircraft configuration, color, reflectivity, and propulsion means. Was it a coincidence there were multiple contrails seen descending shortly before the UFOs were seen? What was this object doing? What were the aircraft looking for after the sighting?

With all the extensive investigation done by CT MUFON apparently ruling out any probable mundane explanations for both the contrails and UFOs it seems all we are left with is either
A) A hoax, but why? The witnesses’ had NOTHING to gain from this. They also resisted all common tactics used to uncover hoaxes.
B) A true UFO event, whether it is a secret government project, alien, inter-dimensional, time travel related, or whatever.

Another question I have is why did not more people witness these contrails and UFOs? Of course there are many reasons for this, but none-the-less it raises some questions in my mind. However, to counter the above statement is a 40 plus hour investigation by professionals who believe this to be a true event, and I must say that personally I feel the same. I see no reason to think this was a hoax, but I can only judge from what I have researched, as I did not personally interview the witnesses. This is a truly unknown case in my humble opinion, although it is unlikely we will ever be able to solve it, it is defiantly worthy of widespread view, if for nothing else, to get this information out to the public, so they can all see that there are indeed strange events going on ALL OVER the planet. Some of these events (like this one) appear to lack any known explanations that mundane science can provide, so hence it comes to ufology or “fringe science”.

This case, in my personal opinion, must ‘officially’ go into a unknown category(and it will likely stay there). I see no reason to rush to a hoax conclusion and further investigation as appeared to pretty much rule out anything mundane. This does not mean alien, Galactic Federation of Light, Time Travelers, or even a super black government craft. It truly means UNKNOWN, all we can do is make theories based upon other events and evidence. In my personal opinion I am leaning more towards alien in origin, again this is based on multiple amounts of research of events that seem to point more towards that explanation more than any others. But I am still open to anything else as a explanation, if the proper evidence is presented. As always it is up to everyone to make their own conclusions based on the available evidence supplied. I also need to say that the researchers at the Connecticut branch of MUFON did a superb job of investigating this case, which made it possible for me to present such a case here to ATS. Anyways, I hope everyone finds this case as interesting as I did and hope people take a real and legitimate look at this case and many others like it(without photos, videos, etc), as in my opinion, this and others show that something truly is going on in our skies.