Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Summon UFOs

This has worked for me as well on occassion. My methodology is a little different though. I usually start by meditating, often using a Monroe Institute Hemi-Synch CD to help me change my brain-wave patterns and obtain a semi "trance" like state. Then I call out within my mind very clearly over and over again, and ask them to give me a sign of their presence. I do picture my thoughts being transported out into space, like a giant homing beacon. Often times after doing this for a half hour or so, I will get a response. I will see something flash brightly in the sky, like a mini-explosion. Then often times, an object will emerge from that flash and move away quickly. I have also had them flash series of flashes like the above described--Like 3 or 4 bright pulsing flashes, then then disappear.

When we interact with beings from other dimensions, such as human spirits or faeries or guides, we must NOT, under any circumstances, open a door and say "Yay! Whoever is out there....come on in!!"....this is almost guaranteed to get you a spook of some description, terrestrial or not, and almost certainly not friendly, despite what they might communicate.

Here's the best way of protecting ourselves I know of, and if it works for more earthly spiritual work, I think it's worth a shot with the stuff way out in the sky.

Make sure you are grounded before you start any meditation. Imagine roots growing from your feet, into the earth, anchoring you solidly. As you breathe in and out deeply, imagine that your breath on the way out is forming a bubble of bright, impenetrable energy all around you, with no gaps or holes, and keep this up until you feel totally surrounded and protected by your own energy. If you work with your guides or deities, involve them and ask for help and protection. This is just a start and can be a much more complex process, but I would strongly urge anyone trying this kind of meditation to make sure that they are protected by using at least this. It doesn't take long, and gets stronger with practise.

I've been doing meditation for many years, teaching it and recording it, and I've seen how people can freak out if their channels are open to the wrong energy. I think that if we want contact, we have to ensure that it's friendly. After all, we wouldn't leave our house doors open to anthing that ight be passing, so why do it with off planet energy? Not all beings are benign, and even EVP's ( the voices heard in white noise) are recognised to be around 15% maelevolent.)

Practise and stay safe, and them you know if that if you do get some kind of contact, it won't be from the wrong kind of energy.

Aliens are telepathic and they can receive thoughts from long distances.
**Don’t know about who you’re do this on your own accord, I take NO responsibility**

People will scoff and ridicule at this type of stuff, but I do feel that it works if practiced regularly and dilligently. It has certainly worked for me as far as I'm concerned. I think raising our vibration and consciousness and putting very focused thought and intent out there is what draws them in to interact.

I would love feedback or information on any other techniques that people use.