Thursday, June 4, 2015

The FBI/KGB/SS Alien Photo: Found

The People from Mars!

Right on page 3 of the 1950 April First issue of Neue Illustrierte, one will find the source of this iconic image:

The single page article is composed of four photomontages, plus one “Mars Script”. It can be translated as follows (free translation based on the work by WalterRatlos from ATS published by Koi):
Neue Illustrierte, Cologne, Germany; March 29, 1950 – “April 1st Number!”; P. 3
The first authentic images:
A special report from the Arizona desert
World Copyright: NT
March 21, 1950, 21h45, over the famous Monument Valley in Arizona, USA: The first photograph of a “flying saucer”. For weeks, American jets chased these mysterious sky objects. Some photographic images were captured, but they showed only the light path of the “saucer” as a white streak in the night sky. These devices are able to suddenly change their direction, they rise and dodge when they encounter other sky objects. At the moment of changing direction, as the “saucer” stood still in the air, anti-aircraft Sergeant D. Ussel (13th Airborn Division) “shot” with his remote camera at the flying projectile. Seconds later, hit by flak rockets, the strange disc burst into a strange giant firework: About twenty silvery glowing capsules fell into a heavy rain down to earth.
22h10, Report from the “Death Valley”: “Observing a ghostly invasion”. The entire population within a radius of 150 km from the launch site of the sky object was alerted. Only one report came to the War Department. It read: “Saw at first blue-white lights, then clearly figures that were seemingly moving about helplessly and were gliding strangely unencumbered, like divers under water. The apparition did not last. The body shapes dissolved using some trick.”
As the silver capsule burst: The first Martian “captured”! The eyewitness G’Man from Phoenix, Arizona, McKerenich reported: “I was aware of the greatness of the moment: For the first time since the existence of the human race an earthling saw a visitor from space! But I was shocked at the same time. This aluminum-man seemed filled with immense despair. His body was dressed in a shiny coating of metal foil. The observatory in Phoenix speculates: To protect against cosmic radiation.
Science faces new puzzles: The “Mars” script. Cypher specialists and code-inventors are at work to determine whether it is a regular alphabet or even a mirror writing.
The big surprise: The Martian is… only 70 cm high. He was transferred to a special vacuum chamber. The War Department announced explicitly: It is in no way clear whether the being is from planet Mars. The only certainty is that they are of planetary origin, that is, they come from another planet in our solar system or a neighboring star. “Our Pictures”, continues the War Department, “are the only real images, we warn against cheap fakes that have been circulating in the world press.”

Let me know what you think....Real or Fake?