Monday, March 2, 2015

Another weird conversation about tracks

Made by Harrison Schmitt, a trained geologist and the only civilian ever to walk on the Moon (all the rest were military men, or as Hoagland would say - "good soldiers", who did what they were told).

Schmidtt: I see tracks - running right up the wall of the crater.

Mission Control (Gene Cernan): Your photopath runs directly between Pierce and Pease. Pierce Brava, go to Bravo, Whiskey, Whiskey, Romeo.

Wilson writes (p. 145): "If this is not code, what is it? And why switch to the use of strange meaningless "code" words if NASA was not trying to cover up something startling, something that needed to be hidden from the public? In fact, science writer Joseph Goodavage maintains that "whenever something was discovered, the astronauts and CAPCOM apparently switched to a prearranged code, sometimes even on an alternate publicly unmonitorable channel.
NASA scientist Farouk El Baz admitted in a magazine interview that NASA did commit itself to a secretive search for various things on the Moon. 'We're looking for something - something ...' He admitted that 'a huge bridge-like structure in Mare Crisium has been reported ... That is all I can say about it.' When asked if 'that was a bridge - that you've actually found artificial structures or some kind of intelligently placed artifact?' El Baz quickly denied it.

'No. No. I am not admitting such a thing. But when you start to think about it, almost anything is possible. There are almost no limits [to] how you can interpret the many things astronomers have been observing and reporting for several centuries. Now the astronauts are seeing many anomalies close up'."