Monday, March 2, 2015

Strange Apollo 17 conversation about Watermarks on the Moon

Capcom: Roger, America, we're tracking you on the map here, watching it.

LMP: O.K. Al Buruni has got variations on its floor. Variations in the lights and its albedo. It almost looks like a pattern as if the water were flowing up on a beach. Not in great areas, but in small areas around the southern side, and the part that looks like the water-washing pattern is a much lighter albedo, although I cannot see any real source of it. The texture, however, looks the same.

Capcom: America, Houston. We'd like you to hold off switching to OMNI Charlie until we can cue you on that.

DMP: Wilco.

LMP: Was there any indication on the seismometers on the impact about the time I saw a bright flash on the surface?

Capcom: Stand by. We'll check on that, Jack.

LMP: A UFO perhaps, don't worry about it. I thought somebody was looking at it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light.

Capcom: Roger. We copies the time and ...

LMP: I have the place marked.

Capcom: Pass it on to the back room.

LMP: O.K. I've marked it on the map, too.

Capcom: Jack, just some words from the back room for you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but the Moon is still ringing from the impact of the S-IVB impact. So it would mask any other impact. So they may be able to strip it out at another time, but right now they don't see anything at the time you called.

LMP: Just my luck. Just looking at the southern edge of Grimaldi, Bob, and - that Graben is pre-Mare. Pre-Mare!

Capcom: O.K., I copy on that, Jack. And as long as we're talking about Grimaldi we'd like to have you brief Ron exactly on the location of that flashing light you saw ... We'll probably ask him to take a picture of it. Maybe during one of his solo periods. Notice that the Capcom reiterates that it was a *flashing* light. It was therefore *no* meteor impact that they were witnessing. Notice also that the Lunar Command Pilot specifically mentions the word "UFO".

Wilson writes (p. 60): "This last conversation makes it obvious that both our astronauts and NASA do not take these sightings of light or UFOs lightly. Maps were marked and photographs were taken at the sites of these occurrences."
While the Apollo 17 astronauts were discussing the "Watermarks", the sighting of the UFO occurred. The conversation then returns to the Watermarks.

DMP: O.K. 96:03. Now we're getting some clear - looks like pretty clear high watermarks on this -
CMP: There's high watermarks all over the place there.

LMP: On the north part of Tranquillitatis. That's Maraldi there, isn't it? Are you sure we're 13 miles up?

Capcom: You're 14 to be exact, Ron.

LMP: I tell you there's some mare, ride or scarps that are very, very sinuous - just passing one. They not only cross the low planar areas but go right up the side of a crater in one place and a hill in another. It looks very much like a constructional ridge - a mare-like ridge that is clearly *as constructional as I would want to see it*."