Monday, March 2, 2015

Apollo 16: Another strange conversation in space

Wilson writes (p. 141): "While on the Moon, did any of our astronauts see any indication of alien handiwork, such as strange constructions, disturbances or the like? Consider this strange Apollo 16 conversation:"
Orion:Orion has landed. I can't see how fat the (garble) ... this is a blocked field we're in from the south ray - tremendous difference in the albedo. I just get the feeling that these rocks may have come from somewhere else. Everywhere we saw the ground, which is about the whole sunlit side, you had the same delineation the Apollo 15 photography showed on Hadley, Delta and Radley Mountains ...

Capcom: O.K. Go ahead.

Orion: I'm looking out here at Stone Mountain and it's got - it looks like somebody has been out there plowing across the side of it. The beaches - the benches - look like one sort of terrace after another, right up the side. They sort of follow the contour of it right around.

Capcom: Any difference in the terraces?

Orion: No, Tony. Not that I could tell form here. These terraces could be raised but of (garble) or something like that ...

Casper: (Mattingly in lunar orbit overhead): Another strange sight over here. It looks - a flashing light - I think it's Annbell. Another crater here looks as though it's flooded except that this same material seems to run up on the outside. You can see a definite patch of this stuff that's run down inside. And that material lays or has been structured on top of it, but it lays on top of things that are outside and higher. It's a very strange operation.

Wilson writes (p.142): "And we might add that this is a very strange conversation. What are the real meanings of such terms used here as structure, blocked field, beaches, benches, terraces and the like? NASA claims that they are just metaphoric terms to describe unusual natural formations."