Monday, March 2, 2015

Apollo 15

David Scott, Alfred Worden, James Irwin; went to the Appenine Mountains of the Moon, July 26 - Aug. 7, 1971. Conversation about discovering strange "tracks":

 Scott: Arrowhead really runs east to west.

Mission Control: Roger, we copy.

Irwin: Tracks here as we go down slope.

MC: Just follow the tracks, huh?

Irwin: Right we're (garble). We know that's a fairly good run. We're bearing 320, hitting range for 413 ... I can't get over those lineations, that layering on Mt. Hadley.

Scott: I can't either. That's really spectacular.

Irwin: They sure look beautiful.

Scott: Talk about organization!

Irwin: That's the most *organized structure I've ever seen*!

Scott: It's (garble) so uniform in width.

Irwin: Nothing we've seen before this has shown such uniform thickness from the top of the tracks to the bottom.

Wilson writes: (p. 145): "What are these tracks? Who made them? Where did they come from? Does NASA have an answer for the people?"