Friday, March 13, 2015

The Collinsville, Connecticut UFO Incident, December 13th, 1999 - A UFO Close-Up - Part 2

The twelve year boy went back outside, only to come back into the shop to tell his father “you have to come outside”. The father went outside and looked south, southeast where he, his son, and his associate saw an “object with a ball next to it”. According to the witnesses the object was approximately bullet shaped and had two fins blended smoothly into the surface of the UFO. The bullet-like UFO’s size was estimated at no less than 12 feet across and no more than 120 feet across, with the sphere significantly smaller.. According to the witness the color was a soft medium blue-grey, with a non-metallic look. Both objects (the “ball” and “bullet”) appeared to be seamless in design(although “Y” believes he saw a longitudinal seam on the bullet-like object). Additionally there were no windows, engines, or exhaust observed on or near any of the objects, as there was also no sound heard at this time. The objects were moving left(north) from the observers’ perspective, this heading was taking the objects towards the witnesses’ canoe shop. The following photo is showing the approximate location of the objects as seen by the witness’ at the antique shop:

Witness’s sketches:

Drawn by “F”

Flight path according to “F”
**Important note on above sketch:

This image shows the views of the object based on their position on the trajectory. It has not yet (12/24/99) been determined if the curvature represents a real trajectory or not. The relative elevations do not (and are probably not intended to) match the site reenactment (also note East is really SE and W is really NW); at disappearance, the elevation was reduced by about 10 or more degrees from appearance, though that may have been a perspective effect.

Drawn by “S” (12 years old)