Monday, March 2, 2015


The flying triangle mystery like all aspects of the UFO mystery is complex and confusing. We have heard about flying triangles possibly being top-secret planes, the possibility exists that black budget projects are producing  highly advanced triangular-shaped military planes but why? the cost of producing just a single B2 Stealth Bomber is said to be as much as two thousand million dollars.
If a top-secret triangular plane does exist, and its performance is as fantastic as claimed ,with manouverability and speed far exceeding that of conventional aircraft and almost magical stealth like capabilities with silent engines. A craft that is able to camoflage into the background so that it becomes almost invisible to radar, such a plane manned or not could easily be twice as expensive as a Stealth Bomber.  If there is a secret development of advanced aircraft at establishments such as Warton British Aerospace, and prototype triangular planes are travelling to and from the facility, then where is the evidence either photographic or video?  After all the facility is hardly an Area 51 is it?  Are curious passers by and UFO buffs threatened by armed guards? I think not.  Another aspect of the flying triangle mystery is that they may be non-terrestrial.  Reports of triangles were seen as early as 1871 definitely ruling out the possibility of military origin unless of course Aurora and Halo also have time travel capabilities such as the Montauk Project or commonly known as The Philadelphia Experiment. Modern reports also support the extraterrestrial/ultra dimensional hypothesis for most triangle sightings.