Thursday, April 14, 2016

1968 Area 51 UFO Incident

Nearly 50 years, 46 to be exact, I used to sit on the balcony of my two story apartment that I shared with my dad and look out at the sky. Very romantic. Several nights in a row, we saw a bright light in the sky. It raced across the horizon from, yes, the direction of Area 51 to the opposite end of the city. We pondered it and became very curious so one night we decided to chase it. We saw the light and jumped in the car and raced down street to a dirt road in the desert and traveled in the direction of the light. While driving down the road we saw little clouds of what looked like mist on the side of the road and commented on them. To this day, I am not sure what they were, probably a natural phenomena. Once we were down the road and noticed that the craft was coming closer we stopped the car and got out. We were only 17 years old and before this had no interest or much knowledge of UFOs nor were we on drugs or alcohol. We stood in the middle of the road, no one else around, and the craft came slowly up to us and hovered over us. I think they came up slowly so as not to scare us. The craft was smaller than a passenger jet but seemed massive because it was a solid triangle, no wings. It was so close we could almost reach up and touch it. It was really quiet except for a low hum. It hovered there for probably less than a minute and we noticed it had a triangular shape with lights at each point of the triangle, red, green and white. Nothing really happened, they just took off and quickly disappeared from the Area 51 side of town to the opposite side. There was no revving of engines or any sound that accompanied the abrupt departure. They quietly left at a high rate of speed.

As far as I know we were not taken for any purpose. In fact we were not shaken or fearful but excited and decided to go to the airport and ask someone about what we had seen and gave a description. No one could verify that there was a plane or any aircraft that met the description so we left. It never occurred to us to check with the military, we just chalked it up as a cool experience. We had not lost time nor were there any signs of abduction. That was all there was to it as far as I know.

The reason I tend to believe Betty Hill is that she described their initial encounter that was similar to mine. But that is where is stops. I have never had dreams about abduction ever nor any evidence that I was tested or experimented on and in fact I don’t believe I was. But, I know what I saw and what we saw in 1968.


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