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Roswell UFO case

One of the most famous “Finder” should Rancher Mac Brazel (picture), who in the community Lincoln, New Mexico, one in the summer of 1947, managed the ranch Forster family. He was in the desert of New Mexico a little far away from the current trend of the time and did not even know the hype surrounding the “saucers” properly without radio and no telephone. Although he had seen days earlier any unusual debris lying on a sheep pasture, but being no made ​​all to great thoughts. But then he also has been infected by the “saucers Fever”, as his eldest son Bill said: “The next evening [Saturday 5 July 1947], he went to Corona, and there, in a conversation with my uncle Hollis Wilson and someone he knew from Alamogordo ago, he first heard of the “flying saucers” reports that circulated at that time in this area. Both Hollis and the other colleague from Alamogordo, thought that it would be quite possible that father parts had gleaned from one of these things, and they advised him so to go to the authorities. father was not quite convinced, but he knew he had this stuff never seen before. ”

A m Tuesday, 8 July In 1947, published a “eagerbeaver”, ie an aspiring press spokesman for the former US Army Air Force a press release in which the recovery of a “flying saucer” was announced by the Roswell Army Air Force Base. Since this message via the Telegraph the Associated Press and United Press Association was spread, it arrived like wildfire around the world. A few hours later, these “Flying Saucer Story” was denied by the US Army back and output as nothing more than parts of a crashed weather balloon.

31 years took care of this “historic” event no. Therefore, only the 50th anniversary in 1997 was celebrated quite large, while at that time in 1972 in Roswell no one thought to celebrate the jubilee as worthy 25th anniversary. As the rebirth date of so-called Roswell Incident applies 21 February 1978. At that time, the Canadian UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a TV talk show about UFOs. In this television station work a friend of 1947 involved witnesses Major Jesse Marcel. He told Friedman of Marcel, what Friedman called the next day at Marcel. Amazingly, Marcel but could remember neither the exact year when this telephone conversation, nor Marcel had any newspaper clippings, documents or notes collected over. As Friedman also admitted later, it was for him “very difficult to get excited about Marcel’s history.”

I n the course of the following years now took care of countless UFO researcher of this issue and came with new reports, books, and “witnesses” to the public. There were also some curiosity. For example, want the two authors Randle and Schmitt have the witness Edward M. Sager in August 1990 talked by phone – although the man died already 1951st But not only that. It was a lie, cheated and manipulated so that it had to happen.

So were as arbitrarily in a Roswell-book of “Germany’s largest ufologist” (self-promotion) in 1996 an affidavit of a first hand witness to the direct speech and to be inserted yet totally frank about the name of a person is, the not in stock mentioned.

When and Who the debris actually found?

The date has the date on which the rancher Mac Brazel found the debris, there is not a definite clarity, since the original sources of 1947, the data “14 June 1947” and mention almost equivalent “a few days ago”. However, speaking of three important factors for June 14, 1947 as the exact crash day. Firstly, the main witness and debris Finder Mac Brazel appoint in his interview with AP reporter Jason Kellahin this date itself. Secondly, the first contacted Sheriff Wilcox is quoted as saying that Brazel had found debris “about three weeks ago.” And declared the third, another key witness, Major Jesse Marcel, that the crash had occurred, according to Mac Brazel “several days” before July 5.

July 4, 1947, which is still referred to today as the Roswell crash date in the UFO field. In the original texts from 1947, this date is nowhere mentioned or even confirmed. And so embarrassingly the 50th anniversary was celebrated on a completely wrong date.

The crashed debris that Mac Brazel discovered alone or, as reported in the newspapers at that time in 1947, accompanied by his youngest son Vernon on June 14, 1947th It is certain that the two youngest children have the debris then collected later. And almost certainly can now be argued that the dubious ufologists often mentioned neighbor’s son “Dee” Proctor was not with time there. Because the only source of this rumor, his mother Loretta Proctor, himself admits that they only “thinks” that he had been there!

Also, the date when the rancher Mac Brazel reported the debris in Roswell is controversial. But the fact is that in the press from 1947 mainly of “Monday” is specified as that day, came to the rancher Mac Brazel Roswell to where his find to report Sheriff Wilcox (image). From these historical documents is clearly seen that three of the most important First hand witnesses – Mac Brazel, Jesse Marcel and Sheriff Wilcox specify all the Monday as the day came to the Mac Brazel to Roswell to report there from the rubble. Moreover, Brazel was pressing business on this occasion in Roswell, what he could have done only one open for business day, and also confirmed Walter Haut, who then published the press release that had happened on the military airfield on that weekend nothing unusual. Therefore, with the greatest probability of Monday, July 7, 1947 in fact, the date on which the military for the first time of Brazel’s “flying disc” learned.

Had Mac Brazel found debris at all there?

When he came to Roswell on July 7, 1947 to report his find, also brought parts of the crashed object, must be seriously doubted. For three statements speak clearly against this assumption.

E rstens reported at 15:42 in the first-ever, completely uncensored written source, the United Press Association telex transmission of 8 July 1947: “Brizell [sic] brought the object is not in the sheriff’s office, but drove only the 75 miles [120 km] from the ranch to Roswell to report his find. ”

Z weitens obviously has not even seen the debris because it always only Mac Brazel cited, in turn, described to him the debris of the first roamed Sheriff Wilcox. Wilcox in 1947 never made ​​a separate statement, statement, or your own description to the ruins.

And Thirdly told Bill Brazel, the eldest son of Mac Brazel, against the authors Randle / Schmitt end of 1988: “He later [father] to Roswell He did not transported down there because the air force came up and it took.”.

The common assumption that the press release of the military through her ​​spokesman Walter Haut: “RAAF captures flying saucer …” done in writing, shall not be acknowledged because of that lack of documents and missing copies. For example, the aforementioned first ever written document, the UPA telex message can be seen on 8 July 1947: “Army gave oral notice No Text..” The last interview statements of key witnesses Major Jesse Marcel suggest that Walter Haut informed the newspapers and radio stations by telephone about the incident. For telephone, ie oral press statement also speaks another factor. In the first telex and newspaper reports teem with false name information. So named “Haught Warren” about Sheriff Wilcox called “Wilson”, Mac Brazel as “Brizell” or Walter Haut wrongly called. This points to linguistic misunderstandings, it would hardly have been in a written original text!

Also mention the newspapers from 1947 (except for the Las Vegas Review-Journal) anything about that Walter skin (picture) has acted on behalf of Blanchard. Rather, as the Roswell Daily Record reported in its first article, the news agency of Jesse Marcel as the source of “saucers” – called information and not headquarters of Colonel William Blanchard. Totally unfounded is often published assertion Colonel Blanchard would Walter Haut “dictated” the press statement. This can not be proved by the documents from 1947 and is not confirmed by Walter skin itself.

Were there any other crash sites?

The story of Barney Barnett, who claims he saw a crashed alien spaceship in Socorro on the Plains of San Agustin, and whose history has long been cleared as “pure story”, all other crash sites, three in number, only two “witnesses” due. Namely Frank Kaufmann (aka Joseph Osborne, aka Steve MacKenzie, aka Mr. X) and Jim Ragsdale. Both are proven storyteller. Jim Ragsdale, who died in 1995, not only has two completely different statements and crash sites swore, but to confirm his latter crash site as “The Jim Ragsdale Events and crash site” even writing. This guaranteed him – and after his death his daughter Judy Lott – from the marketing of these crash site 25 0No gross amount. Cause of his “crash site-laying” was the refusal of the owner of the Corn Ranch, Hub Corn to lease the land the “first crash site”. None of Firsthand witnesses, both still living, and already deceased, ever has a different crash site, as the mention on the Brazel / Forster Ranch. There is definitely no evidence of a second, third or other crash site.

Were there any dead or live aliens?

I n the popular Roswell literature as is always like claiming that the debris Finder and witness Mac Brazel allegedly, literally said to Frank Joyce, the former radio announcer of stations KGFL: “Frank, you know how it of little green men speak? … They were not green. ” But Mac Brazel has this saying about the “little green men” ever be announced? No, Frank Joyce had heard these words of someone quite different, namely, by Walter E. Whitmore. He told Joyce of crazy stories with little green men and the rogue Frank Joyce then laid later unceremoniously this saying in the mouth of rancher Mac Brazel.

Another “key witness” is the former mortician Glenn Dennis. This in turn is a longtime friend of ex-press secretary Walter Haut. But Dennis had never told until 1989 something about this alien corpses skin. Glenn Dennis story is based on the alleged descriptions of a military nurse named Naomi Maria Selff who claims to have seen in the summer of 1947 at the Roswell Army Airfield extraterrestrial corpses hospital. However, military and private investigators have found any documentation of the hospital. So the whole morning reports and other personnel documents from 1947 that show who did what where had service etc. They have also identified all nurses who were assigned to the base in 1947, when they were allocated and displaced, but Glenn Dennis Nurse Will it not listed. It is clearly demonstrated that the nurse, to which the “witness” Glenn Dennis refers, does not exist. She’s just a product of his imagination.

The “witnesses” Kaufmann (aka Osborne / MacKenzie / Mr.X) and Ragsdale, who also reports of crashed Roswell aliens, can for their details to present not only no evidence, but have, as shown in the documentation, demonstrably fairy tales fabricates and sometimes even lying. The remaining second-hand witnesses can only continue to tell hearsay stories, but also present this no evidence. Thus the question of whether it was extraterrestrial corpses must be answered with a clear no, since none of the historically verifiable Firsthand witnesses ever seen aliens or alien bodies, or has mentioned. These tales published until 1980 or 1991 to the book market or in TV. The “aliens from Roswell” are clearly an invention and have nothing to do with reality and the events of July 1947th

D ABy that the US Air Force in Washington DC on 24 June 1997 a second report on Roswell: The Roswell Report – Case Closed [The Roswell Report – Case closed] the press presented, is more recently asserted in the UFO field, the US military secretly thus admits that it has still been at Roswell aliens. But this assumption is a fallacy because, conversely, a shoe is it. The US military has namely just the statements of the already exposed partly a liar witnesses, such as taken by Gerald F. Anderson “serious”. It is only therefore dealt with these stories to afterwards not to be accused that they would ignore any statements. Therefore, the declaration with the “Dummies” is really to explain only an attempt to certain rumors, and not to cover up something at Roswell.

I nteressanterweise the founders of the Roswell Initiative, Kent Jeffrey has visited in September 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, the annual meeting of the then 509th Bomb Group of Roswell. With fifteen former B-29 pilots and two navigators who were stationed in July 1947 in Roswell, he was able to speak personally. None of these former soldiers had ever heard at this time about the recovery of an alien spacecraft. Jack Ingham, a former lieutenant colonel, said: “The 509 was a very tight single group, and there was no way that such a spectacular event such as the recovery of a crashed alien spaceship from another world could have taken place without you had learned it at the base. ”

Rumors, rumors and none is true

I mmer is again asserted that the military would have stayed in the recovery of the debris to the Forster Ranch. But only Major Jesse Marcel mentioned as the only witness this overnight story. But this he did not from the outset, but only after his second interview. The second Firsthand witness, Lieutenant Colonel Sheridan Cavitt said to have stayed, according to Marcel with at the ranch, on the other hand declared on oath that these accommodations story is completely invented.

E is benso unproven claims that the commander of the Roswell Army airfield, Colonel Blanchard, had visited the crash site. This speculation is based solely on the information provided a 3.Hand witness who also still admits not much to know about the incident. Documents from 1947 show against the fact that Blanchard for 21 days went on vacation on July 9, 1947, and none of the participating First hand witnesses mentioned that even her boss drove to the crash site.

E says in another rumor, that Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon claims to have heard of UFO material was subjected to tests in various laboratories and that he was even himself flew over the Roswell UFO crash site. 1992 declared Brigadier General Arthur Exon higher against the Roswell researcher Karl T. peg that his story about the wreckage and the bodies to Wright Field, were nothing more than gossip he had heard. He was indeed actually flown after July 1947, several places in New Mexico, but this was done in operations that had nothing to do with the Roswell incident. Accordingly exons was involved in the Roswell incident in any way.

What now crashed?

D ie statements of fact involved key witnesses on the information found on the Forster Ranch in the summer of 1947 fragments are similar. This is especially true for the following matches:

· Matt silvery, aluminum foil-like, thin material

· Small, brownish sticks that look like balsa

· Tapes with reddish, pastel-colored markings on it

· Balloon and rubber parts

· Small fragments, no major parts

I n the Roswell documentation is accurately listed that these descriptions exactly the ingredients that balloon trains correspond to at the 1947 tested secret project MOGUL found use. MOGUL was the code name for a project that in 1947 not only was top secret, but also the priority of “Top Secret A-1” had. A level of secrecy that only the “Manhattan Project” was still allocated in 1947, the development of A- and H-bomb. Only in the 70s “Project MOGUL” was declassified. With Project MOGUL should be the shock waves of missiles that broke the sound barrier, measured and recorded in the troposphere and stratosphere. For that time, however, was much more important that detected with this method, a nuclear explosion, and thus the ignition of the first Russian atomic bomb could be recognized. In late May 1947, the team of project MOGUL began to be active in the state of New Mexico. The balloon trains used therein consisted of 3 to 7 neoprene balloons where 3 to 5 radar reflectors type MC-307, and other instruments were attached. Each of the reflectors had a width of about 1 meter and has not been used according to statements of the concerned scientist Charles B. Moore, by this time in New Mexico.

A uf reason the wind data of the National Weather Service of the beginning of June 1947 was involved in the project MOGUL scientist, Dr. Charles B. Moore, the exact direction of flight of MOGUL flight no. 4 of 4 June 1947 to reconstruct. This Ballonzug, which is considered the cause of the debris, were to place Arabela, only 17 miles away from the Forster Ranch, followed when lost contact. Charles B. Moore nachkonstruierte crash site is almost identical to the on the Forster Ranch. Even more. The two main witnesses Major Jesse Marcel and Mac Brazel took flight on the axis East / West, just as the Mogul flight no. 4,.

E ome of the involved witnesses, such as the Finder of the wreckage, Mac Brazel explain that what they had found, not resembling a weather balloon. According to Professor Charles B. Moore, the people who summed up these fragments could also do not know what it was doing, because it in New Mexico were no these radar reflectors 1947 to the arrival of MOGUL Group. Accordingly, it was impossible that Rancher Mac Brazel had ever seen before one of them.

Cover-up, reprisals oaths?

J a, there was the Roswell incident actually a cover-up, which is a cover-up action by the US military. But these actions did not about the sense to cover up the “recovery of a crashed UFO” but distract from the top-secret project MOGUL. The first action took place in General Roger Ramey’s office instead of 8 July 1947th The “Mogul Balloon radicals” were issued than those of an ordinary “Raywin weather balloon”. The second action was an article in the Alamogordo News of 10 July 1947. There is a report entitled was published: “The imagination of the ‘Flying Scheiben’ is elucidated here: newspaper reporter observed, like an army radar unit a’ Scheibe’startet “. The involved in the project MOGUL scientists Charles B. Moore explains that the report in the Alamogordo News was a good protection for to distract the press from the top-secret project MOGUL.

D he often mentioned in this context reprisals or secrecy oaths, there were not proven. Of the Firsthand witnesses mentioned only Bill Rickett that his superior Sheridan Cavitt him would have called for, that he should forget everything. Ricketts Boss, Sheridan Cavitt but explains this on oath that he has not done so. The fact is also that same 6 Firsthand witnesses confirm that they had to take no oath, and no reprisals by the military or the government were suspended.

D ie “military purge” which is alleged to have taken place in July 1947 in the various editorial offices, purely based on a non oath assured statement of Frank Joyce. By contrast, assured the radio reporter George Walsh, who at KSWS worked 1947 affidavit that such military action has not taken place.

I n various publications, with respect to the salvage allegedly crashed, alien spacecraft always like to call the engineer at the Ministry of Transport of the Government of Canada, Wilbert B. Smith. Smith will have to be aware of the American scientist Dr. Robert Sarbacher about the recovery of UFOs: “The matter is the subject with the highest level of secrecy in the United States and even ranks ahead of that of the hydrogen bomb.” The author Charles G. Hibbard white in a report on top-secret A-bomb dropping exercises of the 509th Bomb Group, which took place early 40’s, to say, that about 300 FBI agents ensured that the security measures have been complied with. Now, if you consider that these same 509. atomic bomb group to have been involved in the rescue operation of an alien spaceship, which classification level should have been even above that of the hydrogen bomb, the security precautions should have had the same extent. Specifically, this would mean that in and around Roswell in the summer of 1947 at least the same number would have been used by 300 FBI agents to monitor the security arrangements. But the fact is that are called during the Roswell Incident, except communications officer Major Jesse Marcel and counterintelligence people Sheridan Cavitt and Lewis S. Rickett, no further “security agents”. In addition, the in Roswell case investigating Fed Major Edwin Kirton informed his superiors by telex. July 8, 1947, that “no further testing” are introduced. From these facts it can be concluded that there is a “Top Secret” has not given salvage operation in June or July 1947 in and around Roswell.

A simple and logical quintessence!

S o that remains is the question of why the military had in 1947 ever published this information a “flying saucer”. But a careful study of the documents and testimonies in the documentation “50 Years Roswell – A UFO myth crashes” are printed, a logical and coherent answer can be given here:

M ac Brazel did not bring the retrieved debris to Roswell, but came to Sheriff George Wilcox and told that he had “perhaps” a flying disk found. Sheriff Wilcox has not seen the parts themselves, relied on the statements made ​​by Mac Brazel and reported the discovery of the “maybe” flying disk phone to Major Jesse Marcel, the turn right after he had received the report, set out to reach the area where the disk is found. Until that time, no one had seen in Roswell debris personally except the Finder Mac Brazel.

M arcel itself indicates that, in the meantime, an overzealous press secretary had heard of it. This then called UPA and inform them about the Fund. Specifically, this means that while Marcel, Cavitt and Rickett with Brazel to the Forster Ranch were the debris collect, parallel Spokesman Walter Haut issued the press release, before anyone had actually seen in Roswell debris!

W old skin has always stated that he has never seen the wreckage with their own eyes. The “Flying Saucer Story” was then disseminated via UPA wildfire everywhere. Due to this UPA message Chief Thomas DuBose was in Fort Worth a phone call from Major General Clements McMullen, Deputy Commander of the Strategic Air Command. He asked what DuBose knew about the object that was recovered outside of Roswell and reports on the in the press. DuBose then called on Colonel William Blanchard, Commander of the Roswell Army Air Force Base and told him to send the material in a sealed container to him to Fort Worth. This in turn means that Obert William Blanchard instructs the debris to fly to Fort Worth, the only reason was because the UPA and AP reports had made ​​the masters in Washington curious, and not because the debris found proved that it was an alien spacecraft.

S o it is not surprising that two of the most important key witness summed up the same. Major Jesse Marcel, “I had the whole thing cleared almost out of my mind”. And Captain Sheridan Cavitt told: “The fact is that I can not remember that the incident was mentioned as something Great again, and I have not even thought about it until I long after my retirement from the military, from ufologists was contacted “.

W he analyzes the format specified in the Roswell documentation original sources and witnesses impartially and carefully, came to the unequivocal conclusion that the discovered by rancher Mac Brazel at June 14, 1947 Debris not descended from an alien spaceship. The portions are rather remnants of downed MOGUL balloon train no. 4, which was launched on 4 June 1947 by Alamorgordo from. The in the crash allegedly encountered “alien bodies” do not exist proven, but are only the product of the imagination of charlatans. But unfortunately, it appears that from a purely economic reasons out of the Roswell UFO myth is be marketed many more years, as the words of Roswell Mayor Thomas E. Jennings, covering: “We are developing a different industry in Roswell and which is tourism. the “UFO crash” has fallen into our lap and we attempt to make profits. ” And should not be forgotten even the fact that the alleged “UFO rescue” at Roswell was “kept alive” vehemently by those people and certainly will continue to make a living deny almost exclusively from “Ufology” – so this have chosen line of business to their profession.

V ielleicht some readers are now just as disappointed as it was the author of these lines. He too had initially “believed” to a UFO crash at Roswell. But after years of intensive research on the original statements and documents and three out 1993 and 1995 on site in Roswell and Socorro, he had to confirm the old saying which says, “Faith means: not know.” Who knows the real and historical facts and statements of the persons actually involved and the Roswell incident in 1947 which no longer believes in a “UFO crash” in Roswell!

Alleged Roswell fragment

A possible metal fragment of 1947 allegedly crashed at Roswell UFO is currently under investigation in the United States. An unnamed retarded Miltärangehöriger who wants his time salvaged it had, it provided on 24 March 1996 the “Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center” available.

Tthe UFO researcher Miller Johnson telling was in a first material analysis by Prof. CB Moore from “Bureau of Mines”, Soccoro found that about 6 cm by measuring fragment on the front to about 50% copper and 50% silver, is on the back of 87% silver, 12% copper and 1% trace elements.

The history allegedly crashed spaceships or found dead fragments are, however, great caution occasion. So far, an alien could not be demonstrated in any of these alleged fragments. Also Prof. Moore said: “Neither was it by exotic nature, still indicates anything out on an exotic origin; for me it was considered as part of an earthly, technical artifact.”

A Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., son of former US officer Jesse Marcel, who was then involved in the alleged rescue and his 12 year old son is said to have shown debris, said: “The material that I held in my hand 1947, aluminum color, and there was no evidence of a copper component. based on the known weight and the physical dimensions of the fragment I have to say that the material to which I remember, was easier. ”

And should show an isotope analysis of whether it is extraterrestrial metal. The probability that, for example, the ratio of copper to copper 63 65 is not lower than in the solar system, would be extremely low for extraterrestrial metal compounds.

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