Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shocking Wright Paterson AFB ALIEN MODELS FROM 1988!


With the recent ballyhoo about the “Roswell Slides” I thought it might be interesting to revisit something similar which to my knowledge has never been fully explained, debunked or really explored to this day. The whole incident occurred back in 1988 when Seligman Productions was preparing a 2hr UFO special called “UFO Cover-Up Live” hosted by none other then Mike Farrel of M.A.S.H fame.

The broadcast was a very interesting moment for several reasons, not the least of which was the global television revealing of a shocking series of computer generated models, but more on that later. So one of the interesting things about this broadcast was the use of two “whistle blowers” named “Condor” and “Falcon” who were said to be revealing some very important information including eventually the Majestic 12 documents. Condor and Falcon were part of a larger group called “The Aviary” who also included Bill Moore who later revealed that he had been a disinformation agent recruited by Falcon (Sgt. Richard Doty USAF) and Condor (Capt. Robert Collins USAF) and also participated in the death of Paul Bennewitz.

During the broadcast of UFO Coverup Live a series of explosive images were revealed which purported to be of a “Grey” alien. The computer models were provided by Curtis Brubaker who claimed to have placed a logo onto the graphics but later claimed he had received them from a high level source at Wright Paterson’s Foreign Technology Division

Some interesting things to note:

At the time of their creation the images were tagged “FTD-WP” or Foreign Technology Division – Wright Paterson. This was the group at Wright Paterson which was involved in back engineering and investigations of non-United States technology such as alien technology.

The date of the models is given at 10/01-66 which I would assume is 10/1/1966. This is important because the capability to generate this kind of graphic was rare in 1988 let alone impossible in 1966, or was it?

There is a second identification on some of the graphics “FTD-SYD” which appears to be the unit under the Foreign Technology Division responsible for the models. It has been reported that “SYD” was under what was referred to as the “Technology and Sub Systems Directorate.”










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