Monday, April 11, 2016

UFO activity over New Jersey via /r/aliens

UFO activity over New Jersey

Hey guys, I saw some weird stuff tonight while walking my dog.

It's a pretty windy and cloudy night, except the clouds are pretty spread out and moving across the sky pretty fast. I always tend to look up at the sky in hopes of seeing something peculiar and well I guess tonight I did.

I look up to see two little lights moving pretty slowly across the sky in the opposite direction of the clouds. What struck me as significant was that these were extremely high. Higher than commercial airline planes even go. Just enough that I could see their tiny selves moving. I follow them and then lose them under a moving cloud. As I wait for them to come out the other side I look towards the other gaps in the sky and to my surprise there's even more little lights that are moving in the same direction. As I scan more gaps in the clouds I spot more of them just moving in the same direction. Their glimmers were really tiny, which suggest to me an extremely high altitude. Probably a level those specialized NASA jets fly on. They weren't stationary stars, I made sure to triple check that. I also saw another light following the first two tiny lights I saw, except it seemed to be much closer than the rest. The thing about this brighter one was that it didn't show any signs of an airplane/airline. No sound or flashing lights. Just one light moving across the sky at constant speed in one direction. It was really eerie.

TL;DR: A whole bunch of tiny lights (suggesting really high altitudes) moving across the sky in one direction at once. Like a lot of them. One other brighter light moving in the same direction, although not showing signs of an airplane. (no flashing red or green lights and no sound)

I stopped watching when the sky became overwhelmed by clouds. I'd like to mention this around central Jersey and I've never seen any lights like that in the sky. Any input is appreciated.

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