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Not sure what I saw April 6th 12:40 AM Nashville, TN via /r/UFOs

Not sure what I saw April 6th 12:40 AM Nashville, TN

I apologize that I was unable to get any pictures as the light disappeared by the time I got home. I was driving home from my girlfriends house just now and on my way home I noticed a strange bright rich orange light, and I mean orange like the fruit not a faded orange. I thought it might have been a planet or something because the sky was really clear and I know nothing about astrology so my assumptions have no credibility. Well when I first noticed it, the light looked like a rocket ship because it was leaving a trail as if the orange light was exhaust, but then I realized that it wasn't moving very fast and the trail caught up to the orange light and it became one focused light. This light was not moving very fast and it was moving in a very strange motion, it was slowly moving left and right and each time it went about 3 football fields and changed directions. It seemed like it was very close to the ground because I could move closer to it in my car very quickly and I even managed to drive right underneath it but I didn't hear a sound. No helicopter propeller, no plane turbine, nothing, completely silent (note that it is the middle of the night with no traffic). Well I got back on course to drive home and soon I noticed that the orange light was slowly drifting away and looking more and more like a faint orange star. I find it appropriate to mention as well that this object did have flashing lights comparable to any earthly aircraft which doesn't seem to indicate UFO but nonetheless the pattern of flight, silence, and the rich orange light baffled me so I thought I would look for some people more educated on the topic.

it was very similar to this:

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