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Supernatural Life in other dimensions? via /r/aliens

Supernatural Life in other dimensions?


something has been on my mind recently so im going to try and describe what i am guessing and can someone help me with whether it is a possibility.

Our life form as humans has been around for a couple of billion years; but to be as brief as i can i find it strange how for the most of the past few thousands of years we was living with horse and carriages, farms and mills and then all of a sudden a hundred years later we are spitting out iPads, iPhones, cars, planes and rockets? its a bit strange how we have come up with all this technology so quick ?

I just feel that we are far behind in technology. i dont think many of people have heard but years ago there was 3 strange lights in the british airspace and we tried to intercept them but we couldnt keep up. now this was the same as it entered the airspace of other countries; and because belgium had been listening to this over NATO they had scrambled air fighters in the air before the 3 strange objects had come into their are space. They had followed these objects and gave them the 3 warnings of leaving the airspace they had locked on and all of a sudden the objects did a 90 degree turn and shot into the sky. if that was humans driving that they would have disintegrated at the speed of MAC 3. this story is documented on the internet somewhere and the MOD refused to make a comment on it.

Does anyone else know on any information on this.

another thing that has been boggling my mind is that scientists say that we cant travel far into the universe because we cant breath and how long it would take to us (years). but what if its the same with supernatural. what if we could explore the universe by travelling between dimensions. that what scientists believe that the universe is made up of millions of different dimensions. What if thats a possibility that we havnt discovered yet. afterall we can teleport molecules?

and another question is VELCRO.


We found an alien that used velcro on its suits and that was passed down to us from scientists and all of a sudden it was invented. Somone explain how yo can possible invent velcro!

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