Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alien Abduction – Terrell Copeland the ex. U.S. Marine

copelandHere is the story of Terrell Copeland, a Marine Corps veteran from Virginia who has had multiple experiences which are similar to other people who consider themselves as abductees. He claims that he has witnessed a number of different kinds of craft in the past decade, and even had the honor to be onboard one of them. He shared his story at Alien Jigsaw website where he wrote that he made a physical contact with his “other (out of this world) family” stating that they are truly his family and that he loves them.

Further, Terrell Copeland became “Case no. 58105″ on The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” series. An excerpt from the series can be seen in the video below. The video begins with the Close Encounters scale which defines 5 levels. 1st level is described as up-close viewings at 600 feet or less while the 5th level is the most intense close encounter involving actual communication – a complete reciprocal connection between an alien intelligence and a human being. Next, Terrell Copeland shares his story as a possible abductee and perhaps even 5th kind close encounter witness. The host Bill Birnes declares the Suffolk man to be a “hybrid” – a product of intergalactic breeding who is being ready for a direct contact with his alien relatives. “That’s heavy,” Copeland responded. “It’s not surprising to me, though. After all that’s happened these last couple of years, it could be true.”

ht_terrell_24_090814_mnIn the series Copeland reports two sightings that he had witnessed. The first, he explains to be a massive triangle-shaped craft hovering over a Suffolk shopping center in 2005. This encounter was followed by another sighting in 2007 which he videotaped. Subsequently, Copeland started experiencing “missing time” events ( terminology frequently used in the Ufology) – minutes or hours that unaccountably disappear – and instances of temporary paralysis, when he was awake and conscious but was not able to move. Due to his unexplainable blood condition of elevated levels of the enzyme creatine kinase, normally associated with muscle injuries, he was retired from military. Could his blood characteristics be the cause of his alien relation? Find out more in one of our next featured post.

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