Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Montauk Project


There is one Holy Grail of conspiracy theories. A theory so complex and so intriguing that you just want to believe that it is true. Montauk Project, based out of Camp Hero, Montauk Point, Long Island, New York, was an US project that allegedly researched the possibilities for mind control and time travel. The conspiracy theories started around 1980s when the Camp Hero was quickly abandoned after a so-called “incident” that left USAF soldiers wounded. Some theories suggest that research was never abandoned and deep down in the tunnels of Camp Hero the experiments still continue.

Camp hero is mostly distinguished by its large AN/FPS-35 radar dish that has long been out of commission, but was saved from demolition by a petition of a local community, saying that the dish is a better sea-faring landmark than the nearby Montauk Lighthouse. Almost all of the conspiracy theories somehow integrate the dish as a prominent part of the research. The theories say that between 1950s and 1980s research to time travel and mind control were conducted in the Camp Hero and that the researchers were able to link the years 1943 and 1983, thus creating the premises for another conspiracy theory, the Philadelphia Experiment. What are the conspiracy theorists using as a proof of their claims? Here’s the most prominent one’s listed:

1) Witness statements of Preston Nichols, saying that he has repressed memories of being experimented on. Also, other witness reports like the one of Stewart Swerdlow (interview below) who has also written the book, Montauk: The Alien Connection, which is one of the sources used in this story.

2) The wounded USAF soldiers and the abandoned Camp Hero after that.

3) Confirmed reports of hikers and backpackers being told to leave the vicinity of Camp Hero with the threat of death by armed soldiers wearing olive drab uniforms without any insignia , although it’s a public park area.

4) The concrete wall that guards the entrance to the underground tunnels, which no one is allowed to go near.


I’m skeptic in the things like this. I don’t believe that there has been any kind of mind control or time travel research down there; I think that there just isn’t enough evidence to back it up. What I DO believe though, is that there definitely was an experiment that went horribly wrong, maybe some biological warfare research and thus making the concrete wall a good permanent seal for anything that might be down the tunnels. That might also explain the memory loss of the witnesses and the wounded USAF soldiers.

Remember, you must use your own brains, believe nothing that somebody else says to you, look at the FACTS and decide for yourself. There are tons of documents in the web, and I’ll include a links to few of them which I think are the most prominent.

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