Thursday, May 5, 2016

Extra-terrestrials? the Creators of Area 51 Aliens?

Area 51 Aliens

Many people think that seeing is believing, and find it hard to believe in something that they have never seen for themselves. Still, when trying to find a very plausible explanation to the origin of mankind, scientific creationism from extra-terrestrials with the help of DNA beats other theories, such as creation by a supernatural god, or random evolution from under-developed species. At least, that’s what some people think. If you are not a believer in Area 51 Aliens or in Darwin’s theory, then the idea of having been created in an extra-terrestrial laboratory seems quite appealing, doesn’t it? Or, at least, it is worth taking into consideration.

At first thought, you may not read too much into it, especially if you don’t know the Bible or other books from other monotheistic religions. But once you come across the evidence that has been gathered, you’ll see that these books also make reference to the ‘Elohim’, a word that people mistranslated for ‘God’, but which is actually a plural word from ancient Hebrew meaning ‘those who came from the sky’. To that we add the overwhelming numbers of reported extra-terrestrial visits and the numerous UFO signs that are being discovered as we speak. More and more people are starting to believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials, and believing that there is a human race out there that created us is only a step further. The evidence is clear.

Millions of people have reported sightings of UFOs for decades now. In spite of the numerous sightings, the phenomenon is still largely unexamined, and what’s more, the media unfortunately has the tendency to hold such claimers up to ridicule. Reports of UFOs go back as early as 1878, and their number increased, as growing evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

The Raelians see extra-terrestrials as the creators of mankind, and do not believe in the immortality of the soul. To them, the human race originates in some laboratories from another planet, and is by no means the creation of God. The random evolution of mankind is a too far-fetched theory for Raelians. They believe in cloning human beings, and this stems from their lack of belief in the soul’s eternal life. They also believe that the extra-terrestrials that have created us are not gods, but beings just like we are. The only difference that Raelians perceive between our extraterrestrial creators and us is that the former are more wise than we are, but we will eventually become as wise as they are, and will be able to create life on another planet just like they have on earth.

Eternal life can be achieved through cloning, but Area 51 Aliens do not limit their options to just that. They strongly believe that prolonging life is also possible by means of evolved technology, such as transferring the contents of your brain to a new body with a different brain. As far-fetched as that may seem right now, who’s to say that this will never be possible, given the speed at which technology is progressing now?

If extra-terrestrials are indeed our creators, it is normal to assume that they, in their turn, have been created by other extra-terrestrials beings, and we will consequently evolve to the point where we, too, can create life on another planet.

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