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Bob White Alien Artifact

This case makes them break news that was simply made open the previous evening in the History Channels UFO Hunters. We will get to that in a minute, however initial a brief history of the episode.

White and a friend were driving from Denver to Las Vegas on a spurned turnpike near the Colorado-Utah edge. It was 2 or 3 a.m., he said, and White was resting in the voyager seat. At one point, his buddy woke him up and raised an irregular light out there. White didn’t consider much it and retreated to rest.

By then his buddy woke him up yet again. This time, White said, the lights were blinding.

He got away from the auto and looked, perplexed. The thing was around 100 yards before him, he said, “and it was giant … absolutely tremendous.”

In time, he said, the lights surged toward the sky and connected with two or three neon, tubular lights — “the mother ship,” White suppositions now. Besides, the same as that, he said, the entire contraption zipped eastward through the Colorado sky and vanished.

“What I saw,” White said, “was not of this Earth.”

As the craftsmanship took off, White said, he saw an orange light tumbling to the ground. A locator test? Something that simply disjoined? It was super hot when he accomplished it, he said, yet in time it cooled enough to get. White pushed the article into the capacity compartment of the auto.

The thing is around 7-1/2 creeps long and framed like a teardrop. It has a coarse, metallic outside and weighs under 2 pounds. It looks to some degree like it could be a petrified pine cone and is made fundamentally out of aluminum.



Did the ‘Sacred Grail’ of Ufology actually tumble from the sky that night? Well Bob White has subsequent to had the item tried numerous times by such prestige labs as Los Alamos National Lab. In 1996 White took a bit of the article to Los Alamos for testing, as indicated by him the lab initially expressed this item was of extraterrestrial nature, later they withdrew this announcement and gave him a “deceptive” report on the item. I can not locate the genuine duplicate of the test outcomes yet it was appeared on a nights ago UFO Hunters and is referenced in numerous exploration destinations. Note that White additionally took and breezed through a polygraph test and marked an authenticated proclamation of what happened that night. Curiously enough further research as demonstrated some hitting likenesses with Mars… .

Dr. Robert Gibbons, previous researcher with NASA, and flow Executive Director of the Museum, put forth this expression. “We as of late went over logical information that connected Bob’s article with the planet Mars.

Isotope plenitude proportion tests were performed on Bob’s item in May, 1999 in La Jolla, CA and the numbers are practically the same as got from Martian shooting star tests. The proportion of isotopes of Strontium for the QUE 94201 shooting star found in Antarctica in 1994 was 0.701. The proportion of isotopes of Strontium for Bob’s article was 0.712. The proportion of isotopes of Strontium for the Shergotty shooting star discovered India in 1865 was 0.723. Sway’s item is right amidst two demonstrated Martian shooting stars!”

The Martian shooting star information originated from a logical paper distributed on the site of the Planetary Science Research Discoveries, an instructive site bolstered by NASA’s Office of Space Sciences and by the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.

Dr. Gibbons is calling for more logical tests on the Bob White article to demonstrate its cause for the last time.


The latest data on the antiquity comes only as of late as specified before. Two autonomous labs expressed that the concoction organization of this antiquity “shouldn’t exist” and shows complex isotopes and nano substance structure, that even now (and particularly in 1985) don’t exist. The antiquity is additionally clearly emitting some sort of radiation also, this has been reported with dental x-beam movies and mechanical glitches of electronic safes. There have been more than ten labs to study this relic and the outcomes have been strangely divided into halves, a few labs say it is nothing, yet others say it is something unprecedented. For this situation it appears the freshest data is the most strong, as of now there is no video accessible online of a nights ago UFO Hunters, as it is new. I will post it when I can take a few to get back some composure of it. This is the most sizzling case in Ufology at this moment (hence why this is the longest passage in my OP) and has some solid potential to tear completely open. It is odd that this article is comprised of 70% airplane grade aluminum, too numerous mind boggling isotopes of aluminum and other uncommon elements.It is imperative to note that not all labs have expressed this is anything unprecedented, however considering whatever remains of the case and the hesitance of the labs to approach and work with different labs that found something one could hypothesize this is purposeful disinformation, which is not surprising in cases in Ufology.

More than 10 labs have tried this article and a portion of the conclusions in support (as the ones against just said it was typical) are as per the following:

Test Results

*Dr. Robert Gibbons (previous employments; NASA, Northrop-Grumman, and Hughes)- Joined White in 2002 to give his aptitude as a physicist. As expressed before the electric safe where this article was put away at one time broke down three days in succession as the item was accomplishing something to the batteries, depleting the force. After this Gibbons ran a dental x-beam film introduction of the article and identified radiation originating from what he calls “2 flaps” in the item, the movies match up to bolster this hypothesis. The “projections” look like two dark spots in the focal point of the antique.

* Los Alamos Isotope Abundance Test-This is very questioned and accepted to be disinformation specifically from the United States government. White claims that after the underlying test the lead specialist (which was brought in uncommon) called and let him know “I have been sitting tight for this my entire life”, he additionally allegedly over and over said “aluminum,aluminum” as in he recognized complex isotopes of an obscure birthplace, which is the thing that the first report was. Be that as it may this was immediately changed by.

* Mass Spectrometry-A couple of years back a mass spectrometry test was keep running on the article and evidently couldn’t distinguish a little rate of the item, which persuades that is on the grounds that it is an obscure and absolutely new component.

* Test Results from New Mexico Tech-

White was not content with the aftereffects of this test and expressed he trusted it was deliberate disinformation. This is one of the tests that are pretentious of his case, yet at the same time demonstrates the high aluminum content. Is it accurate to say that they are overlooking something? Alternately do they not have the innovation there( at the time,which was 1996) to do a superior investigation? On the other hand would they say they are coming clean?

The accompanying is the freshest, most up and coming data on the investigation of the antiquity. This data was just discharged the previous evening!

All data is from a nights ago scene of UFO Hunters on the History Channel

* Expert 1: Physicist Chris Ellis, master in strong state material science, aluminum combinations, and superconductors. Test result demonstrated the item is a compound of obscure starting point. It is likewise his master conclusion this is a made amalgam.

* Expert 2: Research Scientist David Lamb, master in physical science and material science. Likewise works at a noteworthy US college. Discoveries were accomplished utilizing X-Ray Diffraction Analysis: The antiquity demonstrated a special “shapeless crest and is a polycrystalline semiconductor”. As far as anyone is concerned this sort of material is not discovered anyplace on Earth. Additionally there is silver convergence of 4.3%, here on Earth silver is utilized as a part of this structure by exploratory researcher as an impetus for a superconductor. It is showered over aluminum and in this way is in little sums as we see here from the test outcomes. He proposed this could be utilized on a specialty as an approach to disperse attractive fields, particularly in space as there is no vitality consumption required for superconductivity. Sheep has further hypothesized that this curio is truth be told a “semi gem of complex structure.” This is just in its initial stages on Earth as nanotechnology.

Stunning, astounding, this adds to the steadily developing rundown of overpowering proof supporting the UFO phenomina.

Scam or not?

This case is a tornado of data forward and backward, with some being steady and some being pompous. This is the most blazing case at this moment and likely will get more sizzling soon. Some hypothesize that White is attempting to profit, as he is attempting to offer the item for 10 million dollars and has settled on some other faulty choices. However as the case gets more consideration and more tests are being performed by top level researchers and labs (who need to stay obscure at present) it appears this might be the genuine article. Because the identity of the individual who has the item is not the most respectable and expert does not mean this isn’t genuine. This case merits the most consideration right now as I would see it and certainly warrants getting the data out and assist research.



Not likely, as the most recent master sentiment (Physicist Chris Ellis) expresses this is a fabricated article, in addition to the creation of it is not what meteors are made of.

This is clearly an extremely warmed point from both sides, yet it should be inquired about significantly more. I trust this is the nearest we have ever been to a genuine “smoking weapon”, not yet, but rather close.

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