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Could someone explain my observations? via /r/UFOs

Could someone explain my observations?

Hello everybody, first I would like to apologize for my english. I try my best. The reason why I'm writing is because I saw some strange lights in the Cederberg mountains (South Africa) two weeks ago. I was hiking with a colleague of mine in the mountains around midnight. We had 3 incidents with light balls (like sportlights; very bright; no sounds):

  1. We were sitting on a stone and I turned around, saw a bright light flashing towards us. It was around 30 m (100 ft.) away from us. First we thought it was some guy with a flashlight. Than we saw it was only one bright point. I would say 50-100 cm (1.5-3 ft.) in diameter. After it keeped its position for a while, it was moving backwards, than turning left and dissaperead between the mountains. No sounds

  2. Still hiking in the mountains. Spotlight roughly 200 m (650 ft.) away from us pointing at a stonewall. It was around 2 m (6.5 ft.) above the ground. We used our mobilescreens to make signals to the lightsource. It turned its flashlight to us. Again very bright, hard to look at. After pointing at us for around 1-2 mins it starting pointing at the stonewall again. Seemed we were uniteresting. We couldn't walk to the spotlight because of rock columns. No sounds

  3. Back at Houdenbek farm at the foot of the mountains we saw four of these lights again around 200 m (650 ft.) away from us, around 10 m (32 ft.) above the ground. One of these made a sound like a vacuum cleaner. After we pointed at the light source with our mobile screens the sound stopped and it was flashing towards us. Again for around 1 min. Vacuum cleaner sound never started again. All of these were definetly no satellites or drones as they were too close, had no trajectory pathes, made no sounds (I know how drones sound) and seemed to be interacting with us as we used our mobile screens as flshlights. Me and my friend evaluated three possible options: 1. Extraterrestrials 2. Some human build machine, we do not know about 3. Strange animal, we do not know about.

Does anybody of you know what these spotlights are?

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