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Captain Bruce Cathie

Cathie,+Bruce+blCaptain Bruce Cathie was interested in the flight characteristics of UFOs. In a publication entitled Skyways and Landmarks (Airways and ground terminals, 1961), Tony Wedd, former pilot of the Royal Air Force, argues that UFOs move along magnetic lines of force that connect the ancient sites.

Captain Bruce Cathie (born in 1930), while in activities like aviation pilot in New Zealand, was not only himself witnessed UFO appearances, but he also collected the testimony of his colleagues. Unlike him, they did not want them publicly, lest it hurt their reputation.

Over time, Captain Bruce Cathie found that the UFO appeared in New Zealand with some regularity. Fascinated by this regularity, he decided to devote time to gather information and consult records available in New Zealand. He reports the event location on the map and see that they are placed on a grid north-south, east-west.
Captain Bruce CathieThereafter, taking cognizance of an earlier work of Aime Michel, who had estimated that the average distance between the lines was 54.46 kilometers, Captain Bruce Cathie adjusts this measure 55.5955 km and see that it is exactly 30 miles water.

Captain Bruce CathieThe planetary grid Cathie. AU: magnetic north pole; B: the gate pole

We distinguish one nautical mile nautical mile. The nautical mile (English sea mile) is the length of an arc of 1 ‘(one minute of arc) of latitude along a meridian. It depends on the latitude and is approximately 1842.9 m to 1861.7 m the equator and the poles. 30 nautical miles, that’s half a degree.

The nautical mile (nautical mile) or international nautical mile corresponds to the average of the nautical mile (1852.3 meters). It is the circumference of the earth along a meridian (40’008 km), divided by the number of minutes of arc, 21600 min, 360 x 60.

Captain Bruce Cathie Says

By using units of 30 arc minutes north-south latitude (it will specify: an inclined axis 006 ° to the horizontal), and 30 arc minutes in longitude is- west (specifically 276 °), on my Mercator map, I found a grid in which were adjusting a large number of UFO reports. I had reached a map in which 16 of stable positions and UFO 17 UFO moving were placed on the intersections and lines … I had a good proof that New Zealand and perhaps the world whole was systematically covered with a sort of a grid system. Subsequently, he subdivided the grid 4, or intervals of 7.5 minutes of arc north-south and east-west (13.9 km).

This seems to suggest that UFOs use these lines as a navigation system. The division into 360 ° represent the structure of the magnetic lines of force.

Pushing his research a step further, Captain Bruce Cathie landmark planetary major points in a job that initially seems the order of the intuition that the experimental deduction. However, its proposals are experimentally verified later. He discovered on the ground a special private network of telecommunication antennas and is able from his grid position to predict the new antennas and to verify its existence.

bruce cathie energy gridDownload Captain Bruce Cathies Book By Clicking The Image Above

He first holds 4 major points (C, D, E, F). Then in an inspiration, he draws the grid on the plastic ball of his child. It is made of intersecting circles, determining special crossing points.

At this point in our study, the image is formed that the flow lines form a lattice that covers the entire planet. Further investigations, which have nothing to do with UFOs, will confirm and clarify this result.

Captain Bruce Cathie passed away on June 2, 2013.




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